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Tired of feeling you need to get a PhD in Computer Science just to do something simple.  We provide solutions that make technology work for you.  Currently our business is organised into the following divisions:

Manage your website with our Simply Put serivce!

Out of date websites are a liability in any business.  Smiling woman in front of computer screenWe have a specialised service which offers small to medium sized business users the ability to update their own website as easily as writing a Microsoft Word document.

This solution suits new companies requiring a website and existing companies who want to take make their existing website work for their business.

Media and IT services and consultancy

We have proven professional expertise and experience in all the following areas:

Meeting in very modern office

  • Web application development
  • Graphic design
  • Company branding
  • System installation consultancy (IT and AV)
  • CD-Rom and DVD production
  • Video and television production

 Therefore we can provide solutions for just about any media/IT requirement you may have.